More and more producers, choose to
associate to Agrinsieme because they know how difficult is to accomplish important goals with no support.
The O.P. Agrinsieme allows them to join a consolidated high-quality trade system recognized and certified with huge production amounts, that can rely on many products and introduce them in the market.
In addition, thanks to an enormous logistic capability, our products are able to reach every part of Italy within just 12 hours and every part of Europe within 24/48 hours.
The results that we are getting confirm that the direction we have undertaken is the right one, because the market rewards the authentic Made in Italy, based on the quality and the ethics of the job.
This has been the forward-looking insight of Agrinsieme’s president, a company that has become a solid company throughout the years and that represents in the today’s national panorama a moment of grouping, an incentive to conceive agriculture as a determinant value for the country, not only from an economic point of view but also, as a social and cultural growth.


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OP Agrinsieme

Via E.L. Cerva, 98
00143 Roma (RM)

Operational Headquarters
Via Migliara 41
04010 Sezze Scalo (LT)
tel. +39.0773.800022
fax +39.0773.800227

Via Pontina km 47,400
04011 Aprilia (LT)
tel. +39.069282113
fax +39.069281248